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Potty Train in 3 Days

Welcome Mama!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably starting to prepare for potty training your little one or just seeking some advice. I believe that if potty-training isn’t fun for both you and your child, your little one is probably not ready and it’s best to wait.

If your child is READY, it will be a smooth and quick ride! Potty training is all about TIMING!

With Elon there wasn’t any “perfect” time to potty train him. The moment he showed signs that he was ready we were packing up our entire house to relocate to America. We stayed with my parents, then my sister and then came to Denver. I didn’t know what to do because I thought that all these changes would influence his potty-training journey, but my mom said I must just push through. So glad I listened to her because in between unpacking boxes in the middle of winter Elon potty trained in 3 days!

Lana on the other hand enjoyed her potty-training journey in much better circumstances. I’ll say she potty trained with perfect timing.

I thought of sharing some of our tips, so I am just writing what worked for us. Keep in mind that every child is different and mama instinct is always the best.


I find it easier to potty train during warm summer days. This helps with those little accidents when your little one is more outside.

You have less layers of clothes to remove to get to the potty on time.

To make going to the potty easier, we switched to diaper pull-ups a couple of weeks prior to the start of their potty training journey. This is also something to keep in mind while aiming to potty train in warmer months.

Transition from normal diapers to pull ups to training pants to underwear.


Talk to them about the change from diapers to undies for a couple of days before starting.

Read books about potty training. We went to our local library and got some fun potty-training books that we read before bedtime.

We also watched videos and listened to nursery rhyme songs about potty training. A fun idea to try is hand puppets. Tell stories about going to the potty while role-playing.


Take them with when shopping for potty training essentials. Let them help choose their undies. If you haven’t already gotten a potty, let them help pick one. We went for a very basic and simple on with no special features, it was just all about the color!


Put the diapers/pull up pants away…hide them… If they see diapers on the morning of potty-Training Day, they will want to put it on. Get them excited to wear their chosen undies the moment they wake up!

You can set up a fun little basket with lots of goodies and give it to them as a present.

Nighttime diapers:

You can change the brand of the pull-ups to explain that it’s special nighttime undies.

Remember dry nights take time…if there are dry diapers for a couple of days, your little one might be ready for undies at night and guess what? You’re getting rid of diapers for REAL!


Prepare a specific area in the house where the potty will be the night before “P-DAY!” This will give them a sense of security almost like a safe haven where they can do their thing!

Best is to put the potty in an area in the house where your child will spend most of their time if they are inside. Let the potty be near them where they can see it. This also helps as a reminder for them to go potty!

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Also prepare a drawer or basket/container with things you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper
  • Flushable wet wipes
  • Extra undies
  • Extra clothes
  • Towels


You will have to be like an irritating alarm that goes off every 5 minutes. Keep reminding your little one every 15 minutes to go the potty. Never stop doing this until they realize it by themselves that they need to go. Trust me, this will happen soon!

To get to this point is a huge step for them…reward them, it’s normally around day 3!


They say one should stay home as much a possible when potty training but that isn’t always possible.

So don’t be afraid to go out!

  • Let your little one use the potty right before leaving.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes.
  • Take the potty with you (Portable potties works best).
  • DO NOT put on a diaper when going out. This will make them confused and flush all your hard work down the toilet.


This is such a big milestone and change for both you and your little one, so don’t feel stressed about it. If you are excited about potty training so, will they. REMEMBER that potty training is not linked to a specific age, potty only when your child seems ready.

Stay calm during accidents. Just LAUGH about it and talk them through it. Show them, guide them, support them every step of the way!